New perspectives in the Hearing Diagnostic and Perfect Fitting - Sri Lanka April 1-5 2019

With advances in diagnostic audiological assessment and hearing aid technology, clinicians now find themselves immersed with tools to improve the lives of their patients.

This course is designed to walk through the latest evidence base and highlight the technologies and advances in this exciting area so that participants can return back to clinic practice with both an updated knowledge as well as the clinical skills to be in a position to further improve the hearing healthcare of their patients. The course will firstly focus around the audiological assessment, then dive into how this information can be used to fit a patients amplification. On days 3 and 4 we will explore the latest advancements in hearing aid verification and the importance of this tool in the context of the modern audiology clinic. Lastly we will turn our attention to the paediatric segment and look at how verification technologies in this area are improving the level of care we can provide to our most important patient group.






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